terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

"As famílias com três ou mais filhos são mais felizes" - uma constatação ou uma provocação?

"Yes, four children is a handful. It is also highly inconvenient and expensive. You can’t squash four children across the back seat of a car -- an ugly seven-seater is required; you can never, never find the correct PE kit; the bill after the simplest lunch at Nando’s or a burger chain makes me weep; and trying to physically coral this number of offspring out of the house on any given morning requires the skill of an air traffic controller.

But my wife and I are not a mustard pot short of the full cruet set. We are, in fact, pretty happy. Very happy? We probably are."

"My only serious theory as to why large families may be happier is because instances of selfishness should be lower. Me, me, me can not flourish in such a crowded environment. Sharing is a daily activity you just have to get used to."

Estes são dois excertos de um texto escrito por um pai de quatro. Encontrei o link (que podem encontrar em baixo) a partir do blogue Família em Movimento (que visitei hoje pela primeira vez e gostei bastante).